Composite hBN Coating

Energy Efficient Products

Lubrication is of high importance for machinery with moving parts. Lubrication increases performance and the life of machines by decreasing friction and wear. Friction and wear-related energy and material losses are estimated to account for between five to seven percent of gross national product in highly industrialized nations. There are approximately one billion cars and over one million wind turbines in the world today, which all face friction and wear problems. Energy losses in engines due to friction and wear are estimated to be around 15%. The cost of maintenance and the downtime of wind turbines is high due to increased turbine oil temperatures caused by friction. 

BORTEK® has two types of products for reducing friction and wear. The other is the composite  hBN coating.

Composite  hBN Coating

BORTEK composite hBN coating was developed in order to reduce energy loss and wear on moving parts and gears. Composite hBN coating can be applied on steel with low chrome content. The coating reduces the friction coefficient of the surface through the hexagonal boron nitride particles inside its body.  The coefficient of friction is 0.085 and wear is reduced by 60%. It also eliminates micropitting cracking of gears and increases their life span. Composite hBN coating is a patent pending process.